After 12 months languishing down in the 3 star range, My Voice has finally raised its Google Play Store rating to over 4 stars!

We’re so happy about this, as we worked super hard earlier this year to increase the overall quality of the product. Our goal was to get back to 4* or above before the end of the year, and we’re excited to say we made it!

Why does review score matter?

The My Voice apps review score on the Google Play Store matters for a number of reasons.

Google uses an algorithm to rank apps in order when a user searches for keywords. Whilst the specific details of this algorithm are unknown and changing often, what we do know is that your review score plays a part in where you rank. So the higher your score, the higher you will rank in search results, which means the more people will find your product, and eventually more users!

Another reason is that Google recently implemented new filters when searching the Play Store that allows users to filter by 4*/4.5* and above. We’re not sure if these are rolled out globally yet, or how well used they are. That being said, I know if I’m searching for an app, I want one with great reviews so I know its a quality product! We don’t want to be excluded from search results, affecting our discoverability, because searchers are filtering by 4* and above – and now we don’t have to be!

Did you know…

My Voice now supports the Arabic language voices if you use Google TTS Engine on your device.

You can gain access to hundreds more voices if you use Google TTS Engine on your device.

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