Every six months or so we’d like to update you on how the app is doing, with some statistics, numbers and impact of recent updates.

We passed a huge milestone this month, with over 1 million individual phrases being spoken using My Voice in the last 30 days! Absolutely incredible.

Downloads, Phrases Spoken and Active Users

My Voice has now passed over 85,000 downloads in the Play Store!

We now help our users to speak over 1,000,000 phrases every month with the app, which is phenomenal! This is over 200,000 more than the last time we posted in May 2020.

My Voice now has over 15,000 daily active users (that’s +4000 since May). That means, every day, 15,000 separate people are using My Voice to help them communicate with others.

Play Store Rating

Last time we posted our store rating had been dropping due to some quality issues with the My Voice app, and we’d sadly tanked right down to 3.4* out of 5.

We worked hard to improve the quality of My Voice, and to squash a number of bugs. In addition to this, we made some premium features free, and improved the design of the app in a few places.

Due to this hard work, we’re pleased to announce our current store rating is 3.9* out of 5! Given the number of reviews we have, it takes a serious number of positive, 5* reviews to shift this number upwards, so we’re super pleased this has been the case. We’ve had over 180 new reviews since May 2020 – that’s a lot!

Our goal is still to bring our rating above 4* by the end of 2020, and we’re well on the way to achieving this. Being above 4* is a huge milestone, as psychologically users are more likely to download apps with ratings of 4* and above.

In addition to this, Google has introduced new filtering systems when searching for apps, which allows users to filter by 4* and above, and 4.5* and above. We think it’s super important to be inside that 4* filter, and aim for the 4.5* long term.

We do actively listen to all feedback (both good and bad), and Tom – the My Voice developer – aims to personally reply to as many reviews as he can.

Arabic Language Now Available!

We’re so happy to announce that the Google Text To Speech Engine now supports the Arabic language again! This has been missing for many years now, and is something that our users constantly ask for. We’ve been unable to provide Arabic as a language, as we don’t create the speech engines that drive our voices – more about that in this post.

To access the Arabic language voice, which has both male and female voices, you will need to download and install the Google Text To Speech Engine. Read our post on how to do this here.

Favourite Reviews this Month

Just for fun, here are some of our favourite reviews this month. Thank you to all our users who leave reviews for the app, and please consider doing so if you haven’t already! We really do read them and take on board feedback from reviews.

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