BETA Release – saving to MP3 critical bug fix

A quick announcement about a new BETA release today!

We recently shared that all users can download their saved phrases as an MP3 file within the My Voice app – for FREE!

This feature sadly rolled out to production with a critical bug – users reported that the downloaded clips were not applying their currently selected voice settings. Today, we’re happy to say we’ve found the root cause of this and released an update to our BETA testers which fixes this issue!

We expect this to be released to all users within the next 2 days. Interested in joining our BETA? Read more about why you should do this here.

We want to thank all users who reported this, and special thanks go to ‘Abhishek’, one of our users who engaged with us over email to help identify this one.

Workaround for users on current version

If you can’t wait for the upcoming release and need this functionality to work right now, we have a workaround for you that should get things working correctly.

To get your currently selected voice applied to downloaded phrases, please ensure after changing the voice to a new voice, you speak a phrase from the Favourites, Categories or My Voice screen. So to be clear:

1) change voice to desired voice
2) navigate to main/favs/categories screen and SPEAK some words (these should be spoken in your selected new voice)
3) download as normal (should be in new voice)

The downloaded file should contain the new, selected voice as you’d expect.

That’s all for now!

Tom – My Voice

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