How to join the My Voice BETA testing list

At My Voice, we want to make sure any release is of the highest quality before it goes out to all of our users. With this in mind, we always release app updates to our BETA testing group prior to a full release to all users.

Internally, thorough testing is conducted every single time the app is updated – however sometimes small things slip through the cracks! This is where BETA testers come in to play.

By releasing updates to BETA testers, our feature updates are downloaded and installed on a wide range of devices, and by a wide range of users. This helps us to identify any bugs we may have missed, and gain valuable feedback on a new feature prior to it being rolled out to all My Voice users.

What’s in it for you? You get access to new features and updates days, and sometimes weeks before anyone else!

How do you become a My Voice BETA tester?

Fortunately, this is super simple, and anyone can join! Simply head to the My Voice page on the Google Play Store, and scroll down to the section entitled ‘Join the beta’. Hit join, and voila! You’re in. At some point in the next hour, if there is a BETA build available, the update will be installed on your phone – you don’t have to do anything else!

How to join the My Voice BETA

You can leave the beta any time by simply returning to the ‘Join the beta’ section on the My Voice Play Store Page, and hitting ‘Leave’.

I’m in the BETA, and I want to give feedback!

That’s great! Thank you for joining the My Voice BETA testing list. There are multiple ways you can leave feedback.

If you leave a review for the My Voice app on the Google Play Store as a BETA tester, that feedback will be highlighted to us as BETA feedback – so we’ll know to investigate it as such.

We’ve also set up a dedicated email for BETA feedback if you’d rather contact us this way:

Thank you to all our BETA testers, current and future! We now have over 100 of you, and this is growing all the time!

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