Feature Update – Saving Files to MP3 is now FREE

A small and quick feature update today!

We’re excited to tell you that all users can now download their saved phrases as an MP3 file within the My Voice app – for FREE!

Previously this was a premium-only feature. However, we’re always listening to users and their feedback, and this was just such a common request. In the end we wanted to give something back to everybody who uses the app, and hope that they will continue to support My Voice going forward.

This feature is rolling out to BETA users today, with an expected roll-out to all users later this week. Interested in getting early access to features like this in the future? Consider joining the open BETA list.

Downloading a phrase as an MP3 is easy!

Saving a phrase to MP3 is easy. From the home screen, simply click the download button, give your MP3 file a name, and away we go!

You can also do this from the Favourites and Categories screens – simply long-press on a phrase within Favourites or a Category, and tap Save To File.

That’s all for now!

Tom – My Voice

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