Every six months or so we’d like to update you on how the app is doing, with some statistics, numbers and impact of recent updates.

Downloads, Phrases Spoken and Active Users

My Voice has now passed over 50,000 downloads in the Play Store! We’re so pleased to have finally hit this milestone – and we’ve been rewarded with a small info update in the Play Store!

We now help our users to speak over 800,000 phrases every month with the app, which is phenomenal! We’re so proud to be able to make a difference to so many peoples day to day lives – and this number is growing all the time!

Speaking of day to day lives, My Voice now has over 11,000 daily active users. That means, every day, 11,000 separate people are using My Voice to help them communicate with others.

Play Store Rating

We like to be transparent here at My Voice, so here goes!

Our average Google Play Store rating has dropped significantly recently, to just 3.4* out of 5.

We know this reflects what the majority of our users think of the app, and we know that over the past few months we’ve not been good enough. One of our most important challenges over the next 6 months is to increase this rating to an average of 4*.

We do actively listen to all feedback (both good and bad), and Tom – the My Voice developer – aims to personally reply to as many reviews as he can. To help with this, we’d like to announce our latest update, launched on 5th May 2020, which directly addresses some of the most common complaints of our users.

This update adds functionality that allows users to pause and resume speech output – one of our most requested features. As well as text highlighting, a new max-volume setting and behind the scenes technical improvements, we’re confident in saying this is the best version of My Voice yet! You can read more about some of these changes in our blog post.

BIMA100 Award!

Tom – the My Voice developer – was recently inducted onto the BIMA100 list. This award program highlights 100 rising stars of the tech industry in the UK each year. Tom won the award for the My Voice app, in the category of Tech For Good – well done Tom and thank you to all of our users for making this possible! You can read more about this recognition here.

Did you know My Voice is also recommended by the MNDA? Read about it here.

Favourite Reviews this Month

Just for fun, here are some of our favourite reviews this month. Thank you to all our users who leave reviews for the app, and please consider doing so if you haven’t already! We really do read them and take on board feedback from reviews.

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