If you cant find your perfect voice with default settings, read on to explore how you can get access to more voices!

My Voice (Text To Speech) relies on something called a Text To Speech (TTS) engine to work. A TTS engine is a piece of software on your smartphone which contains a range of voices, and allows text to be synthesized into those voices.

You may be missing out with your default voices

Many Android smartphones come pre-installed with a TTS engine these days, so you should nearly always have some voices available to you as soon as you open My Voice. However, not all TTS engines are created equal!

Some TTS engines have very limited voice options available to users. For example, the Samsung TTS engine, which is installed by default on all Samsung devices, supports only 10 voice languages, with a single variation for each language.

We recommend Google Text To Speech Engine

By far the best and most comprehensive speech engine to use is the Google Text To Speech Engine – which comes as no surprise really, as Google are the developers of the Android operating system. You can download the Google TTS engine here if you don’t already have it on your device.

Google’s engine comes with support for 43 languages, and each language has a number of voice options to choose from. Specifically for more common languages such as English, there are loads of voice options, varying from male / female, to regional accents and dialects. And the best part? Googles TTS engine is completely free to Android users!

We cant stress this enough – for the best free experience when using My Voice, you should use the Google Text To Speech Engine.

How to set a Text To Speech engine as your default

Once you’ve chosen, downloaded and installed your TTS engine, you need to make sure this is selected as your default engine in your device settings. My Voice will always provide voices based upon your chosen engine, so this step is really important!

The process for doing this varies slightly across different Android devices, but in general you can follow these steps to set Google Text To Speech as your default TTS engine:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Accessibility Settings
  • Go to Text-to-speech output
  • Select Preferred Engine and choose Google Test-to-speech engine

The same setting can also be found by following these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to System Settings
  • Go to Languages & Input
  • Open Advances settings, and go to Text-to-speech output
  • Select Preferred Engine and choose Google Test-to-speech engine

You can use your own banked voice with My Voice!

A cool thing about My Voice is that because it uses your device Text To Speech engine, it works with any and all TTS engines. This means, if you’ve chosen to ‘bank’ your voice and have a voice created based on this – it WILL work with My Voice.

Banking your voice is a service offered by various third parties, such as ModelTalker. To be clear, My Voice has no affiliation with Model Talker, however they did send me some sample voices many months ago so we could test if they worked with My Voice.

Voice banking can be a lifeline to people who know they are going to lose their voice in the future, or are simply concerned that this might happen. The process can be costly, and it takes a large amount of time. Generally, you will be required to read a large number of phrases, and must have a good quality recording set up to do so. The larger the amount of voice data you provide (your spoken phrases), the generally better a model can be trained to sound like your voice. We estimate that at minimum, you will need to provide over 6 hours worth of recordings to get a good quality voice.

However to someone who as lost their voice, being able to use a Text To Speech app such as My Voice and have it speak in your actual voice can provide a strong sense of identity and comfort, so we highly recommend doing this if you feel this is important to you!

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